Nigel Butterley’s Pentad (1968). A Unique Composition for Woodwind and Brass


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Nigel Butterley, Australian Wind Band Movement, Australian Modernism, Orchestral Wind Section, Australian Commission


Written for, premiered by and historically anchored to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Nigel Butterley’s Pentad (1968) has, in recent years, become increasingly mobile in its adoption by the Australian wind band movement. A rare and innovative work for twenty-seven woodwind and brass instruments, Pentad exemplifies the modernist ’60s in Australian music composition, which poses some barriers to immediately recognising its merits. Considering the work in the context of this period, as well as alongside developments in the wind band movement locally and abroad, this article aims to propagate new nodes for its reception with the further presentation of the 2017 critical-performative edition that has aided in its revival.


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